The Piedmont region is the most populated region in Georgia.The Piedmont region also has the capital of Georgia which is Atlanta.


Most tourist come to the Piedmont area because of all the exciting places you can visit,such as six flags, the museums like the Fern Bank, and to go site seeing. The Piedmont also has many antebellum homes which are located in Newnan GA. Newman is also referred to'' The City of Homes.''

Physical Features

The physical features of the Piedmont region are the Fall Line, the Savannah river, and the Chattahoochee river. The Fall Line separates the Piedmont region from the Coastal Plain  region. Rivers such as the Chattahoochee, and the Savannah rivers border the state. The Chattahoochee river borders the west  and is used for the border of Georgia and Alabama.It runs from the Blue ridge region through the Piedmont region and borders the state on the west. It is also a water source for the Piedmont region. The Savannah river borders the east border that seperates North Carolina  from Georgia. It starts Blue Ridge region and borders the east border. Both the Chattahoochee river and the Savannah river,when going through the Fall Line the rivers become waterfalls because of the drop that the Fall Line provides.  


The Piedmont region geography is located in the middle of Georgia. Georgia is located in the United States of America,and is in the south eastern part of the USA. It is above the peninsula which is named Florida. Georgia has five states that border it ,they are Alabama,Florida,North Carolina,South Carolina,and Tennessee . On the Coastal Plain region the Atlantic ocean borders the south eastern part of Georgia.

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