Transforming and transferring energy

Mechanical Energy to Sound Energy

Mechanical Energy is dealing with something in motion and sound energy is dealing with sounds. Example: A band playing their instruments is mechanical energy and the sound the instruments make is sound energy.

Chemical Energy to Light Energy

Chemical energy is transferred to Light (electromagnetic) energy when there is the chemicals that turn chemical into light. Example: When you burn wood use chemical energy that turns into light energy because of the fire.

Light Energy to Electrical Energy

Light Energy is transferred to Electrical Energy when light energy travels in light waves into electrical energy. Example: The sun gives off light energy that travels in waves and the light gets to the solar panels giving off electrical energy.

Electrical energy

Electrical Energy is energy that deals with atoms and electrons. Example: The light bulb of a lamp plugged in that turns on.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is energy that deal with nuclear fusions.Example: A nuclear bomb uses nuclear fusions.

Thermal Energy

Thermal energy is the movement of practicals from an object/substance.

Sound Energy

Sound energy is vibrating waves from an object.

chemical Energy

Chemical energy is chemical bonds of molecules and keeps atoms to be connected together.  

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