What if European countries Never Colonized Other Nations and Continents?

By: Dominic Tedora

Routes of European countries to other nations.

The world Would be a completely different place if Columbus never set sail, if Captain Cook never discovered Australia, if Amerigo Vespucci never realized that the New World was not Asia, but a entirely new continent, and if Europe never tried to plunder Africa for it's resources. All of North and South America, Africa, and Australia would not have been colonized thus leaving the world in non-connected state. Europe would never have been able to lead to the mass death and slaughter of the Native people of these continents. Spain, England, France, and Portugal wouldn't be as powerful as they are today. The Slave trade would never have been as prevalent as it was. And.... the world may still be in the Dark Ages today if these European countries never sent men across the seas and large oceans to discover new lands.

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