Civil War Journal

John Smith

Journal Entry 1

I am John Smith. I am a General in the Union Army. I got the new troops today. Gonna be a hard time with these knuckle heads. I live out in the country on a quiet farm. I choose the Union because I wanted to abolish slavery. I can’t stop thinking about the wife and kids. I know I will for sure miss Billy and Suzie.

Journal Entry 2

John: Hi Possum.

James: Hello Bugger, you seem fit to be tied.

John: I’ve been through the mill and I am played out today.

James: I’m ready to toe the mark.

John: Be right back gotta take a Quick-Step.

James: BULLY! That’s hunkey dorey!

John: Gotta go take a quick-step, sharpen your arkansas toothpick.

James: Gotta skedaddle.

John: Bye.

Journal Entry 3


              Today we done did drill. One of my comrades woke up late tis morn. He got his bell rung a couple times and General even put a man in a barrel today because he was drinking too much joy juice. I would like you to know Mom I'm safe I stay away from trouble.

Your Son,

John Smith

PhotoPrompt Color/Morning take picture at home of wooden bowls and silverware and a nice picture outside.

Journal Entry 4

1.  Jeremiah, when you chose to (go to the war), what caused you to make that choice?

"I choose to join the CSA because my mom said she had someone to take care of her and I thought she would be ok."

2.  Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

"I am happy that I could play an important role. I worked hard to learn the drum signals to be able to communicate with the troops.

3. Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

"I wished I stayed behind with my mom and take care of her. I should have convinced myself but I couldn't let my brother go alone."

4. Jeremiah, how did you feel when you lost your brother in combat? Ask a question that makes Jeremiah talk about one of the issues brought up at the end of the story you chose to create.

"I felt very sad but most of all lonely he was my greatest friend the only person I could really count on. I knew him ever since I was little and we always laughed and played."

Journal Entry 5

Dear Mom,

Camp life is one of the hardest things I have ever faced. There is crazy men and some are just scared. There is never anything to do, I wish I could go play with Suzie back at home but as you know I have to be here. We play chess whenever we can. Men have started fights with each other because of how bored they are. The only thing that we it is hardtack, hardtack every day. You gotta mix flour water and salt until its super hard and there you have it.


Journal Entry 8

Dear Wife

I have been out here for a while now as you know. It has been rough for me and the rest. I have greatly appreciated all the gifts you and mom have dearly sent out. I'm coming home. This was a very good experience and one day I will be back out here. Tell the kids dad is coming back to see them. Honey I cannot wait to see you and spend some quality time with the family.



Journal Entry 6

Pull up your muskets

Stay and Fight

Look like you really wanna fight

We have the power we will not coward.


The rebels are coming

Stay put and fight

Don't ever look back


Journal Entry 7

Today was a tough day. Half the regiment had diarrhea and more were ill. This war needs to be ended soon. The smell around here is awful . Some me act like this is everyday things while others are almost ready to pass.


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