Traveling to Oregon

by:Kai Bennett & Tate McGuire

When they were traveling they had no roads or paths to follow so the used the Oregon trail. They built wagons for there transpiration with Horses, Cows. from the internet me and Tate figured out that it 2,200 mile long trail. Our prediction is that it took about 4-6 months from Missouri independence to Oregon. our class is doing a project on pioneers and how they traveled to Oregon with a only a certain amount of food, shelter and water. So our teachers put our class in to groups and we had to work together to make our own little wagon out of cardboard, popsicle sticks, a brown sheet and pipe cleaners. You can see below that the items that the had to choose from. Me and Tate are in different groups, but both of our groups have been successful!    

these are what they had to live with .

Ok so have a good thanksgiving.

Kai Bennett and Tate McGuire

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