Welcome to APEX!


Welcome to the APEX society! What is the APEX culture? This society was built by men, men with muscle, men with power! This culture was founded in the regions of Texas, by the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger! He believed that in this culture, the bodybuilders, heavy lifters, and athletes, will gather into one. Called APEX! Now you may wonder, what is APEX? APEX is the highest point, as we consider as the superior. We believe that the man Arnold is the superior! With his sweet gains, and incredible wings, he is the APEX! Do you have the gains to be in this culture?   


All it took was a 5 time Mr. Universe, and 7 time Mr. Olympia winner to make this culture. Arnold realized that all the bodybuilders, and athletes needed their own culture as if they needed their own world! Franco Columbo and Walter Payton along with Arnold, were the three founding fathers of this culture.In the city Austin, Texas they established this culture in 1980 after Arnold won his last Mr. Olympia and retired.


There is only one university in the APEX culture.The University of Gainz, this is the main land of education. This is where they learn the art of basic weightlifting, officially called Lifting 101. After Graduating from Lifting 101, they have the choice to decide which sport to major in. For both men and women, they can major in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Aside from those two, men can also major in Football and women in Volleyball.


Since Texas has various types of climates, we can grow various types of foods and have various livestock. Generally the food consumed by most of the citizens is healthy and beneficial to their lifestyle. It could be anything from steak and eggs, to spinach salads. Across the APEX society there is a monthly festival that is called the Cheat Day Festival. The reason for this festival is because our Athletes need a weekend off their diet.     


Primarily in the APEX society most of the people are Christian. We don't have to go to Church, we don't have to pray, we don't have sing, all we is must do is... REPS FOR JESUS! What is reps for Jesus? The point of reps for jesus is giving it your all in every single game, every single workout, every single set, and every single rep because that is what Jesus demands of you. During Christmas, every one has their rest week celebrating Christmas.

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