Struggling Student Tech Tips

Jennifer Owen
Trinity Preparatory School
Lausanne Learning Institute 2014

Here are some of my favorite apps, extensions and programs to help struggling learners. If you know of any others, please feel free to share them in the comments section. Happy Studying!


Bookmarking & password managers are key

Takes away the "lost it" or "don't remember" excuses

Symbaloo is great to help students focus their research skills

Google Drive/Evernote/Dropbox

Storage, collaborating tools, less paper to lose

Reading Tools

Keeping Students Engaged

Ipad Only - Full Computer Coming Soon

Annotate, take quizzes, polls, add video, pictures,

Premium version: Text to Speech, assignments, track student progress

Computer-based reading

Annotate, take quizzes, answer questions, pictures

Limited content in their store though you can add your own

Use BEFORE reading

Character lists, themes/symbolism, quotes

Short chapter summaries paired with the deeper meaning of chapter

Audio recordings of older literature

iOS/Android friendly

Current Events for based on Lexiles

Printable articles

Built-in standards & questions

Assign to students; record keeping online for teachers


Staring Isn't Studying

Confidence based repetition study method

Shows you how well your students are doing

iOS app

Games/Varied Test Review/Printable/Text to Speech

Age limit/limited pictures for cards

iOS/Android/Kindle Fire apps

Import from Google Drive/Text Input/Text to Speech

Game or Varied Test Review/Printable

iOS/Android apps

Works with Quizlet or Cram for Importing Flashcards

Multi-sided (up to 5 sides)/Pictures or Drawings/Text to Speech

iOS/Android apps

Other Tools


Makes the 3 branches of government real through games

Lizard Point Quizzes

Map quizzes for Geography

Purpose Games

Game review for all kinds of subjects


Create your own study tools to help you learn your way

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3 years ago

How do I make the items on my bookmark bar just show the icon and not the title?

3 years ago

right click the icon, go to edit and the delete all of the information under "Name"