The first periodic table

The first periodic table was discovered in 1896 in Petersburg, Russia by Dmitri Mendeleev.

Dmitri Mendeleev

5 facts about Dmitri Mendeleev

  1. Dmitri organized the periodic table by the increase of atomic mass of elements
  2. Mendeleev put the similar elements in a horizontal line but it was changed later
  3. When looking at the elements he noticed (at that time there were only 63) a pattern that repeated itself after a certain amount of elements
  4. Mendeleev's discovery of the periodic table is important because its something that we still use to this day and helps us determine specific things about elements.
  5. When Mendeleev was creating the periodic table he left some blank spaces because he predicted that more elements would be discovered.

4 random facts about Men

  1. Mendeleev's dad went blind and died when he was a child
  2. his mom was diagnosed with tuberculosis and so was he and his mom died when he was a child but he didn't
  3. in 1836 his sister convinced him to marry someone he didn't love and see had a boy and a girl
  4. Dmitri was born on February 7, 1834 and died on January 20,1907

Mendeleev's periodic ta

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