STAYFINE WIDTH is the 'Word Image Design Through Habits' responsible for "ABC" - 'Activating Better Communication' between the "MIND" - Master Internal Navigating Device and the "BRAIN" - Brilliant Resource Absorbing Information Neurologically'-the key to slowing the aging process.

About Stayfine Corporation

Stayfine Corporation is a holding company that focuses on self-improvement through its Stayfine brands, divisions, units, subsidiaries and foundation. Its Founder Ronnie C. Wright is the award-winning inventor of the Stayfine Diet, Acronetics, Neuroacronetics, Stayfine Width and author of 17 books as "the world's first acroneticist." He discovered that "words & images" have what he coined "DNA" short for: 'Dynamic Neurological Activation' that can help you "ageFINE" and "STAYFINE" - in essence - 'Fit.Intelligent.Natural.Energetic' represented as "WIDTH" - 'Word Image Design Through Habits' to extend our life span.

Our Guiding Principles

[(A)CT] > Activate Critical Thinking

[(B)UILD] > Brilliantly Unleash Intelligent Life Dynamics

[(C)ARE] > Create A Rewarding Environment

[(D)ARE] > Develop A Reason Everyday

[(E)ARN] > Establish A Return Now

[(F)ORM] > Focus On Relevant Motives

[(G)IVE] > Generate Inner Value Everyday.


1. Are you a man or woman?

2. What is your biggest fear regarding health and aging?
Abandonment; Decline in mental health; Decline in physical health; Loss of mobility; Memory loss
3. What are you doing to agefine and stayfine?
4. Are you spending money on external aging and health products?