Geometry All Around Us

By: Ben Leimberger
NOTE: Pictures may not be drawn to or in accordance to a scale.

If the total degrees of a triangle is 180, then what does x equal within that triangle?

On this ancient Aztec temple there is the side of a stair that acts as a transversal on this view to the top and bottom outline. Find the value of x with this knowledge.

The two yellow lines are parallel, the two red lines are transversala but are not parallel to each other. What is x?

The triangle is an equilateral triangle. What is x equal to?

What postulate proves these 2 triangles similar?

The two triangles are similar, solve for x.

Can these two triangles be proven congruent? If so what postulate would you use? (Hint: there is only one)

The two red lines are parallel and the two green lines are parallel. What is 1, 2, 3, and 4?

What is the third angle, x?

What type of angle is x in this diagram? (Note: It is greater than 180 degrees)


1) 90 degrees

2) 135 degrees

3) 20 degrees

4) 120 degrees

5) SAS

6) 28

7) ASA

8) 2 & 3 - 45 degrees

1 & 4 - 135 degrees

9) 30 degrees

10) Reflex Angle

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