Taxonomy of the Saddlebred Horse

Kristen Batchelor

What is Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is the classification of organisms. There are 7 levels that include kingdom,Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and, Species.

Taxonomy Of the American Saddlebred Horse:

Kingdom: Animalia- The animalia kingdom contains organisms or living things that are considered to be multicellular and eukaryotic.  These organisms move around a lot in their natural habitat. Organisms living in the animalia kingdom are also heterotrophic.  They must rely on other organisms for food. Most of these organism digest and ingest food in the internal cavity.

Phylum: Chordata-  These organisms contain a spinal cord or vertebrae that is basically a line of symmetry in the body.  This can be present all of an organisms life or only at some point.

Class: Mammalia- This group is considered to range very widely and is a very advanced group in the Animal kingdom.  They are all warm blooded and have hair that is made of keratin.  This provided warmth to these mammals in the colder times of the year and are also End0thermic which helps them to maintain a high body temperature. They also have four chambered heart.

Order: Perissodactyla- This name means "odd toed".  Which basically just means that they have hooves. The middle toe on the hind hooves is usually larger than the other toes on the hoof. These animals are large grazers and have noncomplex stomachs. Domesticated horses eat primarily grain, hay, and grass.  They developed in what we call Asia but have spread about all over the world.

Family: Equidae- These animals live mostly all over the world.  They usually have thick and stocky looking bodies. Most have manes going down their necks a tail and a forelock which falls between their eyes.  Some dont develop as much fur as other.

Genus: Eqqus- Horses have been bred into specialized groups for many uses that we still have today.  There are about 3 different species that originated the breeds that we have today. They include  Equus caballus sylvaticus, Equus Callabus gmelini, Equus Callabus przewalskii.

Species: American Saddlebred- An american saddlebred is the All American show horse.  They are lightweight breeds meaning they weigh about 1500 pounds. The saddlebred is known for their high stepping and are considered to be the "ultimate show horse".  They are also very curious and loving animals.

Horses are found pretty much everywhere.


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