Byzantine perspective from the crusades

By: Daniel Fraijo

The significance of Jesrusalem to the byzantines

The Council of Chalcedon had established five patriarchs, church officials in a particular region: Antioch, Alexandria, Rome, and later The Byzantine church did continue to see itself as a role of protecting Christians living or making pilgrimages to the Orient. There were close contacts with the other Patriarchs in Jerusalem, Antioch, and Alexandria and other orthodox churches in the Levant. Favored by the religious tolerance of Islam, these contacts were even maintained in times of war Jerusalem and Constatinople.

Byzantines perspective of the cause of the Crusades

The most successful from a military point-of-view and very violent against Moslems was the First  CrusadeThe crusade was to be directed at Egypt, because the Crusaders believed that conquering it would be the key to regaining Jerusalem. The expedition took an expected turn, however, and the Pope could not stop it.Byzantium was no longer the power as it was by the time of the Crusades in the latter 11th century. A new power began to upset the balance of power in the East. As early as the 10th century they adopted Islam and rapidly absorbed  Islamic culture.

The impact from the crusades to the Byzantines

Byzantine's forces in the battle of Manzikert in 1071 were destroyed by a Seljuk army. The emperor was upset at having to fight this battle not with a well-trained military but with mercenaries hastily put together. Although the Seljuks were not a direct threat, the emperor felt the need to call for assistance. The conquering of the great Christian city in 1204 ended the Fourth Crusade and had significant religious and political consequences Constantinople was taken over by western Crusaders by 1204 during the Fourth Crusade.

Byzantines perception of other groups during the Crusades

Byzantines perception to other groups was that they were superior to them because one reason is that the although Seljuks were not a direct threat, the emperor felt the need to call for assistance. This means that the emperor of Byzantine's didn't back down even though the Seljuks groups wasn't that big of a threat to them the emperor was trying to be better than them more superior to them. Another reason that Byzantines thought they were overpowered than the other groups was that they through the emperor to jail,he was taken as a prisinor. But the emperor had not a well trained army but mercenaries hastily put together. After that the emperor sent put a call for assistance, it  marked the beginning of the end of its power.

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