The play

Kemya Flowers
Date:December, 5, 2013

Miss William enter the store
Johnson: how may i help you this beautiful morning
William: i want the most expensive shoe you have
Johnson: why you want some expensive shoes ma deem
William: i want some expensive shoe for my daughter 20th birthday
Johnson:oh well we do have some expensive shoes that we have follow me
ma deem
William: okay
Johnson: okay they are in the back i have to go get them just follow me
William: are you sure they are expensive sir
Johnson: yes these are the most expensive shoes that we have here
William:okay, are these the shoes you have here you are talking about
Johnson:Yes these are the shoes I'm talking about do you like the color of the shoes
William:No, i don't like these shoes color do you have them in any other color
Johnson:yes, we do we have blue, pink, purple, white, and black
do you want any of these color on your shoes?
William:Yes, i would like a pair of whites, black, and blue, and pink

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