Sam C.
#whataboutme #kettner #tech31

Hello my name is Sam C. I believe in God and I am a Christian. One place I have always wanted to travel to is probably either Yellowstone or Glacier National Park. The views of mountains in Washington are amazing but I want to experience the different environment of those parks. One of my talents is solving Rubik's cubes. I can solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute and solve other puzzles too. A couple years ago at Christmas I got a pair of Adidas shorts that I already had. I didn't really care, but it would of been nice to get a different pair of shorts. Plus, how was my aunt supposed to know. A person who meant a lot but I probably won't see again was Mason Hull. We used to be friends back when I lived in Bellingham Washington. I was only about 3 years old when I met him but we did a lot of things together. One thing both of our families did was go to Whidbey Island by the Puget Sound. My dad, brother, Mason, Masons dad, and his sister and I went fishing and caught a little dogfish shark. Mason lives all the way in Tennesse.

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