2015 the future

I think this year nothing we don't already expect will come out maybe a  bit of an upgrade. Last year just the same as the last had new inventions but they will continue on. The more in time you go the more things that are unexpected, like what if I were to go in time Im not well adaptated to the future because it's not something I've seen before. Let's say someone in time came from 20-30 years ago and say the iPhone 4,5,and 6 they would be confused because they aren't well adapted to.

I think the future might be like virual teachers like in television when the project a human. They'll probabaly invent less heavier technology. I think people's outfits will change a lot in 20 something years. Thing will change like I thing holograms are possible to be used for like business meetings.

People might just start using these instead of FaceTime anything is possible.

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