Homefront Tackk Project

1. My characters name is Albert McAllister, and he is 47 years old.

2. He is a Confederate.

3. He "currently" live in South Carolina.

4. The date will be July 1st-8th, 1863.

5. His son William McAllister is serving the confederacy and is stationed near Gettysburg.


Day 1

Dear Journal,

     This morning I did my morning chores. I fed the animals. I collected eggs, milked the cows, and went to town and sold the extra. In the evening I mowed hay, fed the slaves, sold 1000 Lbs of Cotton, and helped the war effort. I sent 5 large hogs to an army to help feed the troops, and I also sent $24.68 with them to help pay for supplies.

Day 2

Dear William,

     Today I heard of a great battle in Gettysburg. I do hope you are alive son. I hear that many men have lost their lives.


Day 3

     Dear Journal,

     This morning I had the slaves set tobacco and load hay onto the wagons. I also had them clear out a piece of woods to make a new field and sold the lumber. In the afternoon I got a delivery of forestry and farm tools because the others were getting old and dull. I hired out 5 slaves to the railroad to fix the damage caused by the Union army. I gave 10 slaves to a regiment to fight for the confederacy in exchange for their freedom. Finally I helped smuggle supplies by the Union blockade.

Day 4

     Dear Father,

     We have been fighting in a very bloody battle. Thousands have lost their lives. I am one of the fortunate ones. I have lost my left arm, but I lived. I will be sent home in a few days. See you soon.

     Dear Journal,

     Today I got a letter from my son saying he will be home, but he has unfortunately lost his left arm. I am very sad along with the family at his loss, and we had heard that the day after he wrote his letter that they had a second battle and he replaced an artillery man because he only needed one arm to do it and they are desperate for men.

Day 5

      Dear Journal,

      What we feared has happened today. President Abraham Lincoln has signed the emancipation proclamation. That piece of paper is why we didn't want him as president.

     The entire family is afraid now since we heard that we lost the battle of Gettysburg that now we may lose the war and the right to own slaves. If we do lose the war and our slaves I will be ruined. I have sold now three quarters of my slaves to ensure I don't lose as much as I could.

     The C.S.A is in very deep debt, losing the war, and losing our right to own slaves. Many plantations have been put on the market, but not being bought due to the risk of losing to much. Dark times are on the horizon, and we can do nothing but watch them come.

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