Fun Games For Students

This website is awesome. Not only are the games educational, they're relevant and fun! also provides relevant games and learning for every grade level.

One of the games I thought was cool was the "jobs and occupations" game. The kids are shown a picture of an item, and then asked to match it with the occupation that it's associated with. Another game I found interesting was a family tree game called "word trail." In this candy land type game, the kids get the chance to roll a dice and advance along a board given the questions are answered correctly. Questions include "What is the opposite of Nephew?" and other tricky concepts along those lines that involve family.

If teachers think these are a little off subject, they also have games where the objective is to put prepositions in their correct places in a sentence, as well as word searches. There is also a game called "english matching," where the kids are asked to match gender-related nouns (such as host and hostess) in a card flipping style.

One of the things I found very interesting is this website actually involves a lot of gender related teaching. That being said, since the website encapsulates both genders so well, I don't believe it would have any bearing on learning. Boys might enjoy the competitive nature of some of the games more than the girls, but there is no gender bias to be found. In the occupation game, girls and boys are equally represented in pictures, and in the word trail game, every male clue is countered with the female clue. I believe that girls and boys would enjoy and learn equally, and might even enjoy playing together if the classroom provides enough resources.

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