By Ryan, Shawn, and Josh

Sucrose~C12 H22 O11 C=Black H=White O=Red

What is the relationship between an Element, a Particle, an Atom and Molecule and Sucrose?

  • Particle: A relationship between Sucrose and a Particle is that each piece of sugar is made of millions of particles smaller than the human eye can see
  • Element: A relationship between the Elements and Sucrose is that sucrose is made up of three of the 118 elements, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon
  • Molecule: A relationship between a Molecule and Sucrose, is that a molecule is a group of atoms bonded together and build up the matter creates Sucrose.
  • Atom: A relationship between an Atom and Sucrose is that Atom's are the building blocks of matter which are made up of elements


Sugar. Sugar is used as one of our body's main energy sources and In many cases, sugar is blamed for many health problems but without it, your body would shut down. Sugar is also used as a sweetener in many thins like coffee and tea. Sugar is another use to soothe a stinging tongue from things like far to hot coffee or way to quick bites of pizza, suck on spoonful or a cube of sugar and the burn will disappear.

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