Meir Panim: Providing Skills for Women

The nonprofit organization known as the American Friends of Meir Panim is dedicated to fighting poverty within the country of Israel. For over a decade, the philanthropic organization has been working with local and international volunteers to provide immediate relief to a country stricken by a poverty crisis. Not only do they provide immediate relief to the most common problems that arise from impoverished conditions such as hunger, but they also provide long lasting solutions to poverty through various social programs. According to the most recent study performed by Israel’s National Insurance Institute, the total number of people living under the poverty line is 1,658,200. Within that number, a total of 756,900 are children. That means that one out of every four people living in the country is considered to be living in poverty while one out of every three children is suffering from hunger and malnourishment. Fortunately, this philanthropic organization has devoted itself to lowering those numbers and providing ways to keep those numbers down through various social programs.

In addition to Meals on Wheels and other immediate relief programs like Meals for Children, American Friends of Meir Panim also provide long lasting solutions to help keep people out of poverty. One initiative in particular is their vocational training programming. Meir Panim is dedicated to teaching people vocational skills so that they may enter, or reenter, the workforce to better provide for themselves and their families. Meir Panim is especially dedicated to helping women join the workforce because of the cultural cycle that keeps them at home while the men provide. Due to the ever increasing amount of people in poverty, women are forced to enter the workforce without training or professional skills.

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