Oliver, The Traveling Lice

We need to travel to the trenches of France.

        Oliver was the messenger of the lice in the french trenches. He was sent by their king, Maxon to convince other lice and diseases to come back to the trenches with him.

         The first group Oliver came about was another family of lice. Oliver told them that their were many men in the trenches to feed on and lay eggs on. With this, the lice came to the trenches.

          The second thing Oliver came upon was a disease know as Pyrrexhia.  Oliver knew that they would prosper in the trenches, so he told them about all the men they could infect, and also he told them the disease would spread very fast because of the poor conditions of the trenches. The disease came happily and was renamed Trench fever.

           The third group Oliver came across was Dysentery. This disease enters and infects the body by food, water, and human feaces. Oliver told the Dysentery about all the water in the trenches and dead bodies just laying around and the Dysentery were extremely happy to go to the trenches.

            The forth group and last that Oliver came upon was the rats. These large rodents need lots of food and the trenches would provide them with that. Oliver told them about the many dead bodies laying around and food scrape. This news made the rats very happy and the trenches attracted many rats.

             These new population of diseases and rodents and lice caused many people to get sick and die. The disease Pyrrexhia did not kill the soldiers but stopped them from fighting and accounted for 15 percent of sickness during the war in the british army.



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