Children with Divorced Parents.

           The issue is whether divorce is good or bad for the child. To me divorce is not a good thing. The child shouldn't have to experience that , they start blaming themselves and start forming walls and not letting anyone in because they don't feel like they can trust anyone or how no one understands them. It might be good for the parents, but the children don't understand why mommy and daddy wont be together anymore. They say kids start misbehaving or start having anxiety attacks . The kids don't like switching houses every week . they don't like the fact that the parents are so mean to each other. I believe that once you are married there's no backing out because of arguments you have, especially if their is children involved and several years of marriage .The kids get shocked by such decisions.           
  "What god has joined together let no man separate". Mark 10:09.

Theres many  people "for" divorce they say is best so the children don't experience the hate from seing parents fight. "If a mother can be a mother and father for her children does she really need a spouse?" They believe that A mother could be a father and a father can be mother. It just matters if parents care and protect the children and  become their "hero". Children should feel happy and safe in the household that they live in .

This issue will affect the future of society because poverty levels will increase, higher rates of suicide, emotional or behavioral problems will arise.

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