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Hypertension is a term used to describe unusually high blood pressure.


There are two types of hypertension- primary and secondary. Primary hypertension has no identifiable cause. Secondary hypertension is caused by an underlying condition, such as kidney or thyroid problems, drug abuse, or certain medications.


Some symptoms of hypertension include severe headache, fatigue, confusion, vision problems, chest pain, difficult breathing, irregular heartbeats, bloody urine, and pounding in the neck, chest, or ears.

Diagnostic tests

Having your blood pressure measured with a sphygmomanometer is a diagnostic test.


1 out of every 3 adults have hypertension.


Some ways to prevent hypertension are maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, cutting back on foods with high sodium, exercise regularly, restrict alcohol use, and regularly monitor your blood pressure

Risk factors

Some risk factors of hypertension are age, race, family history, obesity, having an inactive lifestyle, tobacco use, high sodium, and low potassium in your diet.


Some complications of having hypertension are having a heart attack, a stroke, an aneurysm, heart failure, weakened and narrowed blood vessels in your kidneys, thickened blood vessels in your  eyes, metabolic syndrome, and having a troubled memory/understanding.

treatment options

Some lifestyle changes can result in treatment of hypertension. These include losing weight, quitting smoking, starting a healthy diet, maintaining regular aerobic exercise, and cutting back on alcohol. Some drug treatments for hypertension include ACE inhibitors, ARBs, Diuretics, & Beta blockers.

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