Violence against women

Some historical events that lead to this human rights violation are that 2000 years ago the roman law gave men the life or death decision over there wives. Men in England were allowed to beat their wives and their children with a whip or stick no larger than his thumb.In many religious scriptures and traditions, women are treated less than men. essentially women are useless and worthless to men.Some cultural situations that are happening today are that the Taliban are more frighten of a little girl going to school with a text book in her hand than a drone flying over them waiting to drop a bomb on their heads. Why are they scared? Their scared because they hate to see have women have more intelligence than them. They see women as objects instead of people. When they see that little girl with the text book, they see and object try to learn and become smarter than them.

Article 1 because it says that all are born free and equal, but some men don’t treat women like how they supposed to be treated. Article 2 because women have all the same rights as men but just because women are different people think they should be treated less than they should. Article 4 says no one shall be held in slavery or servitude, in some instances the men who abuse their significant other keep the women in the house and never let them leave and the men also make the women do degrading things, just like in slavery. Article 5 also says that no one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Just like article 4 the men can put the women in certain situations that could be inhuman, cruel, or just plain disgusting.

Women suffer in many ways. Some of those ways are gross, disturbing, and sometimes can be just plain torture for them. The people or should I say person(s) who commit these violations are men. Sometimes men can be so abusive and violent to a women that they could take the women’s life away. They do it because they want to assert dominance over the women. The only goal the men see over this violation is that they can control the women any way they want too.

People have tried to stop the violence against women but have not succeeded in it. When the attack happens most people just brush it off and ignore it. There has been a global response to it but it just causes men to abuse women more. None of these responses have been effective in the long run.

We can prevent this violation by keeping an eye on women who seem to be in abusive relationships. If you see a woman with bruise marks and cuts on her, and she says she fell the other day. don't believe her, help her. she's probably a woman in a abusive relationship. If you look at five women you can probably see that one of them is being abused. By the way they stand, the way the walk, and the way they look at you. You can just see the hurt in their eyes.

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