Clan ShadowM4TRIX

This is a clan me and a friend made for GTA 5 and i'm inviting you to join the clan and record with us. And before i continue talking about the clan to join the clan you will need...

-Grand Theft Auto 5 (for the computer)

-a Mic


-recording system (is not required but recommended)

-good internet

-and a thirst for action!!!!

This clan is co-owned by me (Kyle) and my friend (Noah) send me a message at

and i will send you my Skype for an interview to see if you can join the clan

This might be the symbol of the clan me and my friend are working on it

or comment down below if you are interested

Roles of Ranks:

Admin: Help with Servers and Help remove members. Has to give an Month Report to the Owner about whats happening on servers. Allowed to ban non Oped People. ( Must Tell Ether Owner or CO-Owner before ban) Can Kick People. (TALK TO OWNERS FOR MORE DETAILS FOR ALL INFO)

Moderator: Are Oped on Servers. Allowed to Kick People Who are being Rude. (Must Tell Admin who will talk to the Owners) (MORE DETAILS WHEN ACCEPTED)

Helper: Not Oped on Servers. Helps Admins and Moderators finding rude people on the servers. Allowed to help solve problem/conflicts with people on the servers. If any More problem must tell admin or moderators. (MORE INFO WHEN ACCEPTED)

Soldiers: Goes to Tournaments for the Clan, If needed they can be promoted or reassigned to a different Objective (MORE INFO WHEN ACCEPTED)

Makers: Helps make maps and Game types on servers, helps with design of shirts and help build stuff for the Clan!

Recruits: Just Players, Get Okay Armour in Our Minecraft Servers

Noobs: Just Players

we have tons of Special purchases for rasinable prices (my spelling is the best)

V.I.P: Gets Special Iron stuff on our MC Servers! $20

YouTube Gamer: gets very OP diamond stuff on our MC Servers!!! $30

More purchases soon

And will need to be updated this every 2 years

(no refunds)