Improving your set-up

Moving on from the basic ego battery and Vision Ego Clearomizer set up can bring a better vaping experience, and can also bring down your running costs. However - it does start to get a little more fiddly to set-up and you do need a greater understanding of how the whole thing works so you can get the best performance and avoid the problems.One immediate improvement and financial saving can be had from swapping the basic Vision Clearomizers that come with the kit for the replaceable V3 type.http://www.vapeescape.co.uk/vision-ego-rainbow-v3-rebuildable~388Scroll down that page a little, and you can find the replaceable heads for these. This means that when the coil/wick part loses performance or you want a change of flavour, you can just unscrew the whole thing rinse it through and just replace the head, which is obviously much cheaper.Just be sure that you screw everything back together correctly. It's easy to slightly 'cross-thread' the base - just like the mouthpiece. Get it wrong and you'll get all kinds of leaks and bad performance.If you're sticking with your basic ego battery, opt for the 1.8 ohm type again, or possibly the 2.4 ohm. Any higher and you'll lose vapour and flavour.

An excellent alternative to the Vision ego, is the Mini Nova.

These hold slightly more liquid and have a better 'draw', but can be more fiddly to fill. When you screw the top cap off, you'll see that things are more 'open' inside. They're made to a very similar design to the Vision ego, but the replaceable heads are slightly different. You can't swap the ego heads for the Nova ones for example.It's much easier to get liquid into that central air hole with these. You need to angle the Nova and the filling bottle just right to get the juice to go down the side - and go slowly. If you do get juice in the hole, you'll get gurgling and not much vapour. And possibly juice running down to your battery terminal, which will need to be cleaned up. Again, stick to the 1.8 ohm type if you're using a standard ego battery.

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