Exploration Expedition For Spain
Crew Members: Common Citizens of Spain, Common Prisoners of Spain.

                                              Leaving Spain to the New World

The Reasons You Should Fund Me

         Your majesty, I will lead my expedition in the year 1556 CE. Your majesty, this expedition will belong to Spain. Your majesty, I respectfully ask Spain to fund my expedition. Please Philip II of Spain, please. Your majesty, for Spain I will look for gold, coal, and iron. Your majesty, I will also try to find timber, lead, and copper. Your majesty, I chose these resources because I could become very wealthy and build a home for my friends and family. Your majesty, our destination is California, United States of America. Your majesty, we are competing with the English and the French. Your majesty, the Europeans are looking for gold, timber, and lead. Your majesty, in any conflict I will fight for Spain and ambush any hostiles that harm any one of Spain’s people along the way to the New World. Your majesty, I will encounter many obstacles such as storms along the way, what I would do is that I will raise our sails and let the water take us smoothly to our destination. In any case of a raid, I will fight and make sure the people who had attacked us will not get up once they are on the ground. And in any cases, I will try to make this mission succeed, I will try to get the natural resources that Spain wanted, that I wanted, I will try to keep the crew alive, and I will claim the New World for Spain.

                          Leaving the New World (California), Heading Back to Spain

                                                         Docking at Spain

Thanks For Helping


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