Los Angeles Designing School

                                  A Project By: Sean Taylor and Antonio Saenz

Our school is going to located in Los Angeles.  The hot weather will allow for outdoor classes.  

Our High School will be unique in design, being shaped like a UFO.  It will be located in Los Angeles, California.  This will be a private school and you have to pay to get in.  The cost will be $10,000 dollars per year.  

Our students will be required to wear a uniform, preparing them for their future careers.  This school will also be co-ed, preparing our students to work with each other at their future jobs.   The amount of students in our school will be around 600.

Our student will learn how to design computer programs and how to create video games, apps and many other things.

The teachers will be well educated.  They will have to have a masters degree in teaching.  They will have to know how to program, code, and design.  They will be paid $200 per month.  

The Los Angeles School of Designing will start from late September and end in early May.  They will have breaks during the school year for holidays too.

Our mission is to make sure that every student leaves this school capable of succeeding in life.  We make sure that they know everything that they could possibly know.

Most of the materials and supplies that the students will need are electrical.   They will bring their own iPads or be given one when they walk into the school.  They will use desktops, like iMacs.   They will also have art supplies and drawing supplies.

If a student should do something wrong, we will call their parents or guardians to discuss punishments.  Some might include lunch detention, after-school detention, or suspension.  They might also miss out on class activities.

To make sure our students are learning something, we will have standardized tests at the end of every 3 months.  This will not affect their overall grade, but we will make sure that they fix what they don't understand.

Our students will be motivated in many ways.  They will see posters of previous students work.  They will also be supported by the teachers and with each other.  

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