Digital Volunteers - Reading Log Posts

Each week, students will be reading a variety of media of interest to the individual. Students might be reading a book (fiction or non-fiction), MyON books (via iPad app), or a selection from the EPiC 3rd Grade's Reading and Writing Symbaloo webmix and the News and Research Symbaloo webmix.

The students will be selecting one piece of text to write a review each week, posted by Friday that will include:

  • The title of the reading
  • A brief summary with a main idea and at least three supporting details
  • An opinion or reaction with supporting details
  • An image or other piece of multi-media (where appropriate) that supports the text

Digital Volunteers - Locating Blog Posts

Our Digital Volunteers will be able to access the KidBlog site and locate the Weekly Reading category. If you look at the right hand side of the blog site, you will see "My Categories" and "Weekly Reading". When you click on the Weekly Reading link, it will bring up all of the students who published a categorized blog post.

Digital Volunteers - Giving Comments

Access the "Comment Buddies" button below which outlines the team of students you will be 'assigned' to for this series of comments. We are being very purposeful in how we group students and volunteers to accomplish the following:

  • Provide an opportunity for Digital Volunteers to really get to know a group of students over a period of time.
  • Ensure ALL students in the class receive attention and grow through feedback.
  • Engage our Digital Volunteers without requiring an unreasonable time commitment. Our intention is a system requiring less than an hour of work per week.

Digital Volunteers are more than welcome to go above and beyond their buddy group and provide comments on other students as well.

Comment Protocol

Students have been hard at work writing, revising, and learning how to write quality comments about each other's published work. Let's review their commenting protocol below. We do ask that Digital Volunteers try to use a similar format for thinking, connecting, and questioning. Click HERE to preview the protocol in more depth.

Digital Citizenship Alert

As a Digital Volunteer, you will have the opportunity to help students learn about creating a positive digital footprint throughout this project. It is important to remember to gently encourage students to edit their work when necessary and to explain why making good decisions as a digital citizen are important to their future.

Such conversations via comments may include:

  • Asking students to explain how the image or multi-media they used strengthens or deters from their intended message.
  • Reminding students to give credit for images that may not be their own. Understanding that you must credit others for their work (intellectual property) is critical.
  • Sharing the importance of thinking about their intended audience perspective. Sometimes students will need to be reminded not all content is school appropriate.

We can't wait to get started!