Ancient Japan
By: Rilee Sunday

Did you know that there were a bunch of fashionistas in Ancient Japan? Well now ya do! They wore amazing silk robes of many colors and gold jewelry with long gowns and delicate fans! Much different than the wild, crazy, neon outfits! And I think that on the levels of how much they care about stuff, right under fashion is literature. Boring, I know. But it's actually not! They took major pride in writing. Especially women because men wrote in Chinese while women wrote in Japanese. It was very popular around nobles too! Did you know that the greatest writer from ancient Japan was a woman named Lady Murasaki Shikibu! She was the first to write a full length novel. It's name? "The Tale of Genji" who is ironically not ginger. Anyways, another thing they took pride in was visual art. They painted beautiful pictures and practiced calligraphy majorly. Unlike now where , yes they still do calligraphy but they only paint landscapes (Japan is beautiful, why not take pride in it?) following the visual arts, architecture was also pretty big! They admired Chinese architecture and copied their temples. Unlike now where their buildings and houses are very geometrical and plain with dull colors. Lastly, is performing arts. Did you know that mimes were even popular back then?! Well they were! Along with jugglers, musicians , acrobats and Noh's. All of which you can still find in Japan today! Who knew Japan could be so interesting?!