The Road to the Revolution

BY: Micha Stephens

Cause and Effect 1

One cause is from The French and Indian War.  France did not want the English to keep going to the west.  Canada and the people who had settled on the Mississippi River was only kept together by the Ohio River.  The Ohio Valley  had been hunted on and had crops grown on it for many centuries by the Native Americans.  To protect their lives, the Native Americans decided to take sides.  Different groups of the Indians chose different sides depending on different reasons they had personally.  The French and Indian War began in 1754.  An effect of this was that about half of the British soldiers had been hurt or killed during this war.  The British attempts at attacking the forts of the French kept on failing.

Cause and Effect 1 (NEW)

One cause of the war deals with the French and Indian War.  Great Britain and the colonist teamed up to defeat France.  The war started in 1754, and they were led by George Washington.  When the war was over both France and Britain signed the Treaty of Paris, ending the war.  Then a huge cause came up!  Great Britain wanted the colonists to pay the debt from the French and Indian War.  The colonists were very unhappy because they were not expecting to have to pay all this money.  They did not ask for help from the British.  This was one effect from this cause.  

Cause and Effect 2

The Proclamation of 1763 was another cause.  The proclamation forced colonists who had already moved west of the Appalachian Mountains to move back, and it banned other colonists from moving there.  One effect was that this angered the colonists because some colonies already possessed land in the west.  Another effect of the proclamation was that the colonists had to pay for the troops that had come over from Britain to apply the proclamation.

Cause and Effect 3

Another great cause was the Townshend Acts.  The Townshend Act taxed items such as tea, paint, paper, lead, and glass.  These were not the only things that were getting taxed.  Now, to stop the smuggling, there were officials at the American ports.  They were able to search the ship's cargo with a legal document called a writs of assistance.  An effect of this was all of the protesting that the colonists were doing because they were unhappy.  At first the colonists just protested that this act and the document were wrong, but then they all stopped importing taxed goods.  Then some of the colonists formed a group called the Sons of Liberty.  A big thing they did to protest was hang effigies made of straw or cloth.  Next, the girls made a group called the Daughters of Liberty.  They started boycotting of the British clothing.

Cause and Effect 4

A big cause was the new taxes that Britain was enforcing.  One act was called the Sugar Act, which put taxes on molasses in 1764.  An effect of this was that the colonists were smuggling molasses into their colonies.  Another act was the Stamp Act, which caused items such as: wills, marriage papers, diplomas, almanacs, newspapers, playing cards, and dice to have a stamp on them.  The stamp proved that the person had paid the tax on that item.  An effect of this was a mob occurred.  The people in the mob were throwing rocks, as well as tarring, and feathering the agents.  Another effect was that a British official's home was destroyed by a group of rioters.  

Cause and Effect 5

Another cause was The Boston Massacre which occurred on March 5, 1770.  The people of Boston were throwing snowballs, pieces of ice, and oyster shells.  The Patriots were the people who were throwing the items.  Patriots were the people who did not agree with  the British government and they were against it.  Loyalists were the people who were in favor of the British government, and the ones who stayed loyal to their government.  Then soldiers started shooting into the crowd, and the first person to die was a 17 year old boy, Samuel Maverick.  Many people were upset because the British fired into a crowd who were not armed.  This was a big effect from the massacre because they even had a trial for the soldiers.  Although, they didn't get much of a punishment.  The worst punish meant that was given was a branding on the hand.

Essential Question 1

What inspired the colonists to start a revolution?

The colonists were inspired to start a revolution because of all the acts that were taking place.  Colonists were getting taxed from the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and the Townshend Acts.  Almost everything the colonists owned had taxes on them, and every time they protested to take those acts away they would still not get their way.  "No Taxation without Representation", was one of the saying that the colonists had.  Everything that Britain did or made a mistake for, the colonists had to pay for it.  The colonists kept getting angrier until they were at the point of war.  They wanted to break away from Britain and become their own country where they would not have to pay those unbelievable taxes.  Colonists were desperate enough to have a war for their freedom.  This is why the colonists wanted to have a revolution.

Essential Question 2

How and why did the colonists work together to overcome perceived injustice?

The colonists worked together by doing actions such as, boycotts, riots, and having mobs.  They did this because they were tired of all the taxes that were being put against them.  By working together the colonists were able to have a war for their freedom at being their own country.  Colonists had to work together and be planning a war together because no one could do the planning alone.  They had to think about the needs of their colonies, and if risking peoples lives were what needed to happen they did it.  Reasons such as this is how and why the colonists worked together.

Essential Question 3

How did conflicts with Great Britain during colonial times impact our lives today?

We had a great conflict with Great Britain, and that was the taxes they were putting against us.  The colonists had come to America for freedom because they were tired of all the taxes, and did not agree with importing goods from other places.  They wanted a fresh start in new lands, although they were on new lands they were still getting taxed the same way they would be if they were in Britain.  If our colonists had been afraid of going to new places or having a war to become a new country we would not be here today.  The colonists are the reason why we live here in North America, and not under the control of Great Britain.  Colonists bravery and courage is the reason we are in the America's.

Essential Question 4

Was the American Revolution justified?

Yes, the American Revolution was justified.  The British and the colonists made the Treaty of Paris which stated that the colonists now lived in the United States.  They now lived in a free nation, and it became official on April 15, 1783.  By separating from the British we now did not have to pay the taxes that the British citizens did.  This settled that problem, even though by breaking away we still had many problems to face.  This was a negative of breaking away, but now we did have freedom.  We did not have to pay the taxes, and we were our own government.  This is why the American Revolution was justified.

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