College and Career
5th Period English 1
Jasmin Moya
School of Law
The University Of Austin, Texas

I selected the University of Austin, Texas School of Law because I would like to study to be a lawyer to one of the best schools. Also, because I want to stay in Texas and this university is top 15 law schools around the world. Some of the history of this university is that it was founded in 1883. When the people selected John C. Townes as their first dean couple of years later, the University of Austin Texas became the law school in the 1920's.

The university of school of law in Austin, Texas has approximately 23,500 living alumni who have forged distinguished careers in government, public-service organizations, corporations, and law firms. This University prepares you for the challenge of the day. In the year 2008 it was the 1st school of law to offer a course in wind energy law which is to discover new ways to find energy resources.

Application Form

Students must be selected by a court and approved by the instructor prior to registration. NOTE: To be approved to register, you must submit a resume and an informal copy of your transcript along with this application. You may submit a transcript that you have downloaded from the web. Students may enroll in a judicial internship for academic credit only once during law school. Interns who receive academic credit may not be compensated.

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Phone(s): ______________________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________

Graduation Date: __________________________ UT EID _____________________

Please explain why you are interested in the judicial internship program:

Please provide the judge’s name and court for your proposed placement, and the name, phone number, and email address of a contact person in the judge’s chambers or with the court:

What days of the week do you plan to intern? Please arrange a class schedule that will permit you to be present during proceedings at your court. (The Texas Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, and Third Court of Appeals hold oral argument only on certain days.)

Have you previously taken any clinics, trial advocacy courses, or internships? Will you enroll in any other internship, clinic, or advocacy course during spring semester? If so, please list:

______________________________________________ _________________

Student signature Date

Submit completed application to Mary Crouter via her box in the Communication Center. Please feel free to contact Professor Crouter (; (512) 232-7855; CCJ, suite 1.324) with any questions.

application complete/incomplete date: approved to register/not approved date:

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to this university you must take the LSAT and have an undergraduate.

    Communicating with the Admissions Office

  • When you send your application and the office receives it they will send an E-mail to you. If you are admitted to the college then they will send you an offer for  admission by written letter from the Assistant Dean.

    Application Fee

  •   A $70 nonrefundable application fee must be submitted along with the completed application by certified check, cashier's check, or money order made payable to The University of Texas at Austin.The application fee may also be paid electronically when applying online.


  • All applicants must submit a detailed resume not to exceed three typed pages. The applicant should take advantage of this opportunity to provide specific information about education, work history, military service, honors and awards, extracurricular or community activities, publications, etc. The applicant should also include details on any foreign language proficiencies, including the level of ability with regard to speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Letters of recommendation are not required; however, candidates are strongly encouraged to submit at least one letter but no more than three. Letters of Recommendation provide insights and information about the candidate that are not reflected in the application.

Campus Life

In this college they have a group that is called The Society Program which  was designed for the community to interact with the students  and the faculty members.

  • Nations Top 15 research universities.
  • 2 Nobel Prizes for American Academy of Arts & Sciences.
  • 95% of the students live off-campus.
  • some of the activities the students do is go to music, film festival

My Career Path

  After I been growing through the years I finally decided to pick the career path  to be a lawyer and study in School of Law University of Austin, Texas. I selected this career because I have the need to help others out and to the best I can to achieve this.  I also know that to be an important lawyer I know I have to study for 8 years. I know that this university is going to take me where I want to be. I know that during my high school experience I have to have a high GPA to achieve my goal to enter this school.

    I knew I wanted to study this course because helping others out is something I need to do. I learned that I have to study all the laws and also know how the government runs and how can I help my client so they are  innocent. I think that the hardest part of this job is that even though if you don't agree with your client you still have to help them out. Also it is part of your job even if you agree or disagree.

Job Description

Most of the lawyers get paid  between $50,000 and $250,000 a year. If you want to get the middle salary then  it will be $113,000 a year. If you want to be a lawyer then the courses you must take  is English, History, and law and government. One of the things you must need to do before going to a law school you need to have your Bachelor's Degree which will take you 4 years to complete. What will benefit you is to have a degree in English, political science, or history because you have the writing skills you need for this job.

More Information About The School of Law

Based on Tonya's experience of being a lawyer there is some pros and cons. Some of the cons is that being an insurance defense attorney and litigator you need a job security.Based on her experience she says that the biggest challenge is the working hours. She says that sometimes she goes to sleep very late and has to study for the next day. I order to be a lawyer you must have received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Juris Doctor.

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Letter of Intent

Jasmin Moya

3840 Rocio St.

El Paso, Texas, 79936


  May 14, 2015

9612 Montana Ave.

El Paso, Texas, 79936

To whom it may concern,

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed on your website. Please accept my letter and accompanying resume as evidence of my interesting in applying for cashier here in Family Dollar. I feel that my experience with helping others and very good at learning fast I will prove to be an asset for your organization. I am looking for an honored job that will add experience to my career for public Services. some of my strengths is collaborating with everyone and very gentle. I am confident that my qualities with helping others out make me a spectacular candidate to be a cashier.

I would appreciate it very much if you took my letter in consideration. I would like to hear more about your company, the requirements I need for this position, and how my skills would be a good fit.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Jasmin Moya


Jasmin Moya

Career Objectives

My goal is to be able to communicate with people and help them out. Also I am seeking to grow my social skills to help me in the future for my career.

Education History

Aug. 2014 - June 2015

Pebble Hills High School
El Paso, Texas

Work Experience

Sept. 2013 - To Present

Exploring Careers
Student Worker
El Paso, Texas

» I got to help the teachers that needed help and also I was their
assistant and will help them out in anything that they needed help with.

Volunteer Experience

Mar. 2015 - Mar. 2015

Marathon Kids
Passing out coloring books to the kids that finished the lap.
El Paso, Texas

» The purpose of Marathon Kids is boys/ girls running a lap which means to stay physically active. It shows that every day you should at least run a lap. I helped out in the award alley, when they finished running they will get a medal. This was a great experience because it shows that running makes you stay focus and have a goal.

Oct. 2013 - Nov. 2013

El Paso, Texas

» I helped to plan the fall festival for NJHS

Oct. 2013 - Nov. 2013

El Paso, Texas

» I helped in the concessions and put the money away

Awards & Certificates

» A/B Honor Roll (June 2013)
» MVP (May 2013)
» perfect attendance (June 2010)

Extracurricular Activities

Honor Society

Hobbies & Interests

» Soccer
» Volleyball

Skills & Abilities

» Team player
» Spanish

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