Museum Exhibit: Handy Man

The handy man was four feet tall and walked up right on two feet. the handy man walked upright and had features that were more human like. The handy man was 4 feet tall he had two arms and had a larger brain than lucy. the handy man had fingers the handy man had gotten its nickname ''handy man'' because of the tools that they had made. the handy man lived about 1.5 to 2 million years ago. The handy man were discovered by scientist in Africa. the Handy man was a great tool maker too. The handy mans Latin name is Homo. Homo Habilis is a group.

the handy man used tools to hunt for food they hunted animals. they would eat the meat and use the skins for clothes. the handy man lived in groups they lived in groups to make their lives easier. they could help each other to hunt, to fight off dangerous animals, and to collect food over large areas of land.

This is a image of the handy mans skull. The handy man had a lager brain than Lucy. the handy mans brain was twice the size as lucy brain. the handy man had two legs and two feet and two fingers and hands. The handy man walked upright not hunched over. the handy man was four feet tall and had a large brain. The Handy mans upper jaw stuck out of his face. the handy man were clever tough they worked together in a group. They hunted in a group, they lived in a group, and helped each other when some one was in need.

The handy man lived in west Africa near Lake Victoria. The handy man lived near a water resource so they did have water to drink and had food like, animals and plants to eat. The handy man had a good environment to live in if their was food and water near them.

The handy man were great tool makers they did not make tools very complicated they were very simple. These tools were a very important part of their lives. All of the tools were made of stone. But in order to make them it takes thought and effort. The handy man made the tools by chipping away little pieces of the stone. They used their tools to hunt for food, to make new tools, to defend the selves from danger, and to make shelter.

The handy man lived in fallen cliffs they would also make shelter by useing fallen branches and make a little hut. the handy man coudld not just buy what they needed they needed to find it it was not easy for them tough. They ate what they could find and would make or find shelter.

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