Converting Singapore Currency into Indian Rupee

Holidaying in Singapore or even going there for a business venture requires you to have Singapore dollars with you to bear your expenses. Be it accommodation, having meals, travelling, or shopping, the only acceptable currency is the national currency. It is, therefore, important to find out the exchange rates and be prepared even before you reach there.

You can convert the Indian Rupee (INR) into Singapore dollars in India as well as Singapore at the airport or by availing the use of online foreign exchange, which proves to be more profitable. Once the duration of your stay is over and you are back to India, you can revert back to using the Indian currency which is no doubt easier for you to calculate and assess as compared to foreign currencies. However, with the idea of always having the cash to spare in case of emergencies until you step foot on your native land also poses the task of having to convert the Singapore dollars back to Indian Rupees.

Tourists from Singapore who wish to visit India or businessmen from Singapore who comes on account of business matters to India to need to convert their currency into Indian Rupee for any work to be done. There are many options to convert Singapore dollar to INR. Some of the ways to convert Singapore dollars to Indian Rupees are given below.


You can convert the foreign currency at the airport into Indian currency. Converting the Singapore dollars at the airport would be convenient for you as you wouldn’t need to search for foreign exchange brokers, with the exchange being done without you having to go to other places to make it happen. You can do it on your way back home right at the airport, saving you the trouble of having to do it later on.

Online Foreign Exchange:

Online foreign exchange is by far the best option where you can compare the exchange rates of various companies and decide which is most convenient for you. This is also comparatively profitable as you save more during online transactions than you would if you exchange currency through brokers or at the airport.