Flight Technology

By: Taylor Lowe

Session 1!

In session 1 we learned about aerodynamics and we experimented with a software that shows airflow when a plane is in flight in the air. 

Session 2!

In session 2 we looked at what type of things affect the lift and we began constructing our wing to our plane.We changed the speed and this affected the lift that was on the plane.

Session 3!

In session 3 we finished the construction of our wing to our plane by gluing the parts on and then taping them a eventually creating a wing.

Session 4!

In session 4 we learned how wind can affect the amount of lift  that you have on a plane.

Session 5!

In session 5 we learned the basic controls of Cessna and we flew a Cessna using a flight stimulation software.

Session 6!

In session 6 we did some flight maneuvers using the flight stimulation software.

Session 7!

In session 7 we used a navigation plotter to find out the direction and flight that was being planned and we also the flight stimulation software to determine if our calculation were right.  

Career in the field

The career in the field could be a pilot because they have to know all these things if something goes wrong. The are in charge of peoples safety on that plane pretty much. The have to know the lift, drag, thrust and all those things for the persons safety. The know the calculations so that they can get the person there to their destination on time without any problems.

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