The Life of Walter

By: Gilbert Matos

This illustrates the fact that looks can be deceiving  because Walter had a lot of people that betrayed him. For example his "friend" Willy stole the money that Mama gave him for his dream liquor business and for Beneatha's Education. Also Mr. Linder at first seemed   to be like a nice guy that just came to welcome them to their new house when actually he came to try to prevent them from moving into Clybourne Park.

Walter illustrates a true family man  because he will do anything for what he thinks is better for his family. For example Walter believed that with his dream liquor business he would be able to fully support his family. Also when he was going to take Mr. Linder's offer even though at first he thought how much they really needed that money from both Beneatha and him he then thought about the whole family in general  and realized it would be better for them to move into their new home for a better beginning for everyone.

This image shows that sometimes you really have to analyze your dream, see how probable it is and also know when its time to put it aside, follow it or let it go. This really shows Walter because at first he thought that his dream liquor business would really benefit him and his family form that extra money coming in. But then after all the problems that came up he really meditated on his dream and  made the decision to put it aside and live in the present and  take advantage of all the opportunities that come up.

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