by: Parker Asche


Do you like PE if you said yes then this is the right tack for the tack you will learn about how to have fun, be safe, not to be hurtful, working as a team, stretching out your muscles. In PE there are 3 rules they have fun, be safe, and participate in the activity.


If you like sports then you will like PE. You can run and play and have fun. But it is not ok to be hurtful. Have an exciting time reading this tack about PE.

About PE

In this paragraph you will learn the variables of PE. The first rule is having fun. The second rule is don’t be mean. The third rule is participating. And that is the variables of PE.

Having fun

Having fun is the most important thing about does not matter if you win or lose it is about having a good time in PE. You can be with your friend and have fun. You should participate in the activity and you could get someone out.

Don’t be hurtful

Don’t hurt other peoples feeling .don’t throw a dodge ball at someone’s head. Don’t throw to hard or you could hurt them .if you throw to hard when they get back in the game they could hurt you.


It is important to stretch before you play because you could pull a hamstring like arron foster. What can stretch your muscles out is push-ups, curl-ups, sit-ups, planks to. That’s what can stretch your muscles out.

Don’t brag if you win

You should not brag if you win because they could win the next time. It could cause trouble at recess because they could hurt you then you will get mad and it will cause a is not nice to brag because it could hurt other peoples feeling.

Working as a team

If you play football or any kind of sport that in involves team work .then the first step is let everyone share an idea .the second step is don’t say that is a bad idea because it could work .step three play hard.


PE is about having fun by playing and running. You could hurt someone then they could hurt you. Working as a team is the most important thing because it’s not all about you other people can have ideas to. The last one is stretching out your muscle by doing push-ups, curl-ups, sit-ups, and that is how you stretch your muscles out. You don’t want to end up like arron foster from the Houston Texans now that you know a lot about PE. next time when you are at PE think about what you read about in this tack


1 Important: if you forget to do something important you can get in trouble

2 muscles: helps you lift heavy things

3 hamstring: a hamstring is on the back of your leg

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