Nicole Buckman

Hi! It's Nicole Buckman!  I go to Girard High School and I am a Freshman.  I live in Lake City, PA.  I have lived here all of my life I have never moved.  Also, I have only been in the Girard School District!  I only have one sibling my brother!  I also live with my parents next to a field!

Three things that represent me....


I love to bake anything!  I have been baking since fifth grade.  I will bake anything except pies I can't make those.  But, I can bake cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, etc....! Whenever I bake I can't have any distractions I will scream!  I have to be focused!  Plus baking stuff makes good presents!


I play sports for my school!  This picture has my the two sports that I play!  I have played basketball since I was in the fifth grade.  I have played volleyball since seventh grade.  I enjoy playing both of these sports!  I love exercising too so, it is a win either way!

Chocolate covered pretzels

I love chocolate covered pretzels!  My parents say I have a bit of an addiction and I agree.  My favorite kind is Romolos! I love their chocolate, but especially the pretzels! I enjoy eating them too!


My one goal is to go to West Virginia University and become a teacher.  I am going to complete this goal by studying really hard and getting good grades to get in the college.

Another goal is to get enough money to go to Paris, France.  My plan for this goal is to raise enough money and go.  First, I will get a job and work hard to get money.  Plus I have all the other things to pay for in the future, so this won't happen til after college.

The third goal I have is to grow a big garden!  This might be an odd goal, but the plan is to get all of the seeds for vegetables, and plant them in the ground.  I will water them every day, and harvest them until harvest time is over!

A place I would like to go is....

I have always wanted to go to Paris, France!  I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower for not only the beauty of it, but to see how tall it is.  Another reason is I have seen pictures of the lock bridge.  I have always wanted to see all of the pretty locks, but i wanted to put my own on it, and say I have been to it!  The third reason is I want to practice my French.  I am taking French, and I hope I could speak out of a classroom!

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