Fame and HIV

Keith Haring's work

HIV is a well-known disease today. Back in the days, many celebrities were infected and died from AIDS. Freddie Mercury fought this disease for four years and died in 1991. He publicly acknowledged his illness only a day before his tragic death.

In 1988, Keith Haring was diagnosed with HIV. This iconic artist of the ‘80s raised the public awareness by creating a foundation in 1989. The Keith Haring Foundation concentrates it's giving in two areas: to help prevent and care AIDS and HIV patients. This foundation is a proud supporter of the AIDS Walk New York.

Not long after Haring’s death, Magic Johnson made sure to help with the public’s education on the HIV/AIDS infection. He also created a foundation with the motto: «We are the communities we serve»(1). This philanthropic organization helps thousands of people all around the world with this infectious disease.

In 1995, the rap legend Easy-E died at the age of 31 from AIDS. His illness shocked African-American community and rose public’s awareness .

In 1981, Elizabeth Glaser contracted HIV by a blood transfusion when she was giving birth to her daughter. She found out five years later that she had contracted this virus and given it to both her children. Her oldest child died from AIDS in 1988 and her son is still alive today. She mourned her lost by creating a foundation. «The Pediatric AIDS Foundation had one critical mission: to bring hope to children with HIV and AIDS.» She died in 1994 but her foundation lived on and became one of the most important AIDS charities in the world.

Many people died from this disease and many celebrities help raise the public’s awareness. Today it is our turned to carry on their legacy and educate ourselves with HIV/AIDS illness.

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