Scooby Ville

one of the houses


  The dogs of Scooby Ville all live in spooky haunted houses. They huddle in terror as they doze off to sleep (if they can). There is a population of exactly 50 dogs who were brave enough to follow their leader, Scooby Doo, into this possessed village. The village used to be a ghost town in the mid west before it was invaded by Scooby and his clan. Each one of the dogs house is haunted by either a ghost, spirit, inanimate object, or a possessed creature.


  All dogs, no matter what breed, eat Scooby snacks. They come in a variety of flavors. They are distributed by Scooby himself once a week. Tuesday nights at 3:34 p.m. Scooby bravely passes out a bag to each family that contains food, water, emergency packets, and holy water. Some dogs that are close friends of Scooby have the privilege to get extra treats such as hot dogs.

climate region

  In Scooby Ville the climate from January-June is humid, foggy, and heavy rainfall. While in July-December the temperature drops dramatically all season long. Only two seasons exist in this region. The dogs stay in no matter what the weather conditions are because they are to petrified to walk out there own house. Even though they love hopping in the rain and snuggling close to their love ones on a wintry night, the ghost keep them from enjoying it.

brief history

  Before Scooby and his dogs dared move into Scooby ville it was named Nightmare on Elm Street. It was cursed when a cowboy named "Black Jack" Ketchum was fooling around with a Ouija board. He ticked off an evil spirit cursing the whole town. Scooby's original plan was to reveal that every ghost was a man in a costume. When that didn't happen him all of his followers were trapped to die and rot with the spirits haunting them

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