Thousand Words
Nikki Baker

March 24, 2015
Memorable Moment

One moment that happens in the book that is memorable is when Ashleigh sends the picture to Kaleb at Vonnie's party. This moment is important because this is what the book is all about. That picture is why she is in community service, why she isn't close to Vonnie anymore, why anyone around makes fun of her and calls her names. The picture ruined her reputation. She did not know that Kaleb was going to go around sending it to everyone. She trusted him. The very moment she hit send is when it all began.

March 25, 2015
Again and Again

In the beginning of the book, the first few chapters, the author keeps reminding us that Kaleb is in college. That he is always with his baseball friends instead of Ashleigh. The author is trying to remind us that he is putting his friends before Ashleigh. Which isn't wrong, but he totally keeps her out of it. He is going off to college and won't see Ashleigh as much, and he acts like he doesn't care about her. Ashleigh is scared that he is going to forget about her and that he's going to be parting with a bunch of college girls. She's scared and I would be too. Why was Kaleb acting like that to her? Was there a reason? Was he not as attracted to her?

March 26, 2015
Tough Situations

Why is Ashleigh the only person that got in trouble? She is the only one that is doing community service, why isn't Kaleb in there too? He is the one that sent the pictures to everybody else so is he getting punished as well? Why does everybody else seem so innocent, when they really aren't? All Ashleigh did was sent a naked picture to Kaleb only for him to see. Now it's out to the whole world to see. She can't get rid of it. It's partly her fault and partly everybody elses. So, I think they should also be punished.

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