Avoiding Identity Theft

Tips on keeping information safe at home:

  • take your mail out of your mail box as soon as possible
  • shred all of your papers that you don't need that have your personal info.
  • keep all the need information in a safe place.

Tips on keeping information safe at work:

  • do not give your personal information to people over the phone or through email.
  • only give your social security information if you have to.

Tips on keeping information safe when online:

  • do not give out personal information on the internet where anyone can view it.
  • do not respond to emails if you do not know who they are; obviously, don't give them your information.
  • use a good password and do not share that with anyone.

How do I know when someone steals my identity?

Make sure you read your bills often so you will know if there is a problem.

Such problems like:

  • withdrawals you didn't make
  • things you did not buy
  • a change of your address

If someone does steel your information report it immediately. For more info. on how to protect your info. go to


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