Arthur Kanev: Water

Arthur Kanev has had many interesting adventures in his life, many of which were either accomplished in water or by traveling afloat it. In his younger years he was a water and snow skier who learned to navigate wakes and ridges; and he had also become quite the fisherman throughout his upbringing. All of these talents came handy the day that he added his ability to sail to that list, as well as his ability to navigate water.

Arthur Kanev took sailing classes at Harvard University; and shortly after completing the program he and his friends set sail on a journey around the globe that lasted them nearly four years. The ability to navigate international waters was among the lessons retained from Harvard that he took with him; and it was a crucial part of getting them to land.

Another very important skill that kept them safe in a different way was Arthur Kanev’s ability to fish. No one was ever going hungry aboard his boat, that was for sure. As a skilled angler of the saltwater, freshwater and deep sea, his ship mates benefitted from the nourishment they received while making their epic journey across oceans and seas.

Sailing across the world wasn’t all business, though. In fact, Arthur Kanev and his friends sopped along the shores of many countries to explore their lands, meet their people and learn about their cultures. The trip was one of a lifetime, and the summation of Kanev’s love for the open water.