Science Scavenger Hunt APP-tivity

Be a Plant Detective! Locate the following items that we have learned about during our Plant Unit. Snap a picture of each item, make a collage of your photos (Pic Collage), label each picture and turn it in on Edmodo! (Hint: look everywhere-inside, outside, grocery store, your neighborhood, be a detective! )


  • One dicot leaf
  • One dicot flower (hint fast plant picture will work)
  • One monocot leaf
  • One monocot flower (you can draw one if you can’t find one to photograph)
  • One stem
  • One root (edible or not)
  • Three parts of a flower (your choice of what parts but be sure to label them!)
  • Three different seeds (and tell me their methods of seed dispersal)
  • Two additional leaves (1 simple, 1 compound)
  • One example of seed dispersal

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3 years ago

Due Friday, October 31st
Scoring Guide
1 point for each item found (up to 15 points)
4 point for accuracy of labels/captions (up to 15 points)
20 points for creativity, neatness, and quality of pictures
Total Number of Possible Points=50!