Favorite Classroom

This is a photo of where all my education classes were at my college in New York. I loved everything about this classroom. I thought it was a great idea to make the classroom look exactly like a young childhood classroom setting. We did a lot of activities using the back of the classroom and used these resources to experience what it would be like to teach in an actual elementary classroom. In this classroom we had a white board, SMART board, and a Dell computer. We also had a camera hooked up to the computer in the classroom. We used that camera to display our personal work or photos to the classroom and it would appear on the SMART board. I believe that the white boards are used less and less as technology develops. I think that the computer and SMART boards are both utilized the same because in order to use the SMART board for notes and lessons you also have to use the computer. I'm sure in the near future there will be a way to use the SMART boards without having to use to computer. In the Applied Technologies book for teachers it states that "computers continue to evolve rapidly, driven by significant advances in mobility, processing power, and cloud-driven software services that enhance productivity and security." Although it says that computers are evolving rapidly, I wouldn't be surprised if the teachers started using iPads to hook up to the SMART boards over computers. When the teachers use the computers for lessons they mostly use Microsoft word, the internet, and powerpoint. In our textbook it says that Microsoft dominates the educational market. I wish that there were more classrooms like this one.

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