Capturing Student Learning - Ongoing Assessment Tools

Tools to capture ongoing student learning through observations & conversations. These allow for much more effective assessment practices, and an provide an easy way to triangulate the evidence (observations, conversations, & products)


Skitch is a tool that allows you to annotate over any visual. Therefore, you can take pictures of learning in action, or student products, and then annotate right over top of them. This provides a great way to document learning, and add your own professional judgement.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a popular interactive iPad whiteboard app that many use to record their lessons. However, it's also a great tool to capture student learning. You can have students record themselves & what they have learned as well as draw/type or add visuals of their work. As well, teachers can record video of student learning (observations) and add their own voice to it.


OneNote is a digital binder that allows teachers to organize their notes from the classroom. You can create sections in your binder for each student, and compile ongoing observations, conversations, and examples of student products all in one place!

Sesame Snap

Sesame Snap allows teachers to capture student learning by making anecdotal notes, rubrics, checklists and rating scales, as well as capture observations and evidence of work. It brings all the assessment pieces together in one place!