My Legacy

1)  Consider how you portray yourself. What image do you present to society and how do you do?

I think that I portray myself as a funny and adventurous person. I think this  this because I'm always making people laugh and putting a smile on their face. I think that the image I present to society is caring,happy and a loving person, because I'm always there for my friends and I show that I care and listen to them. I'm always there when someone needs to talk to me and I also give pretty good advice

2) If you could portray a different persona (or even an alter-ego) what would it be, and how does it differ from how you usually portray yourself?

If I could portray a different persona it would be to be louder and more open about my feelings. I would also like to not be afraid of being judged by other people or be afraid of what other people might think of me or to be myself. I think it's different from how I usually am because most of the time I'm not myself around new people. I'm too worried of what people may think of me. That is who I would be if I could have a different personality.

3) Do people see you the way you wish to be seen? How would you like people to see you? Discuss the legacy you are leaving at Allan Drive.

No I don't think  people see me the way I want to be seen. I think I'm seen as a shy and quiet person. I would like to be seen as a funny, outgoing and a caring person because that's how I see myself. I think the legacy I'm leaving at Allan Drive is someone who is always making people laugh and smile. I think the legacy that I am leaving to people who don't know me is a quiet girl. That is how I think people see me.

4) how is your legacy represented within your digital footprint (Twitter, IG, Facebook, Vine)

I think on twitter people know me as someone who is obsessed with Demi Lovato And music. I'm always tweeting lyrics from songs and talking about how I love Demi Lovato. On Instagram people see me as friendly because I'm always posting pictures of my friends and I. I think people also see me as inspiring because I post a lot of quotes. I think that is how my legacy is represented online.

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