Dr. Paul J MacKoul Urges You To Get a Second Opinion If You Are Considering Robotic Surgery

One of patients’ top priorities in choosing a GYN specialist is the sophistication of the surgery being performed, meaning the least amount of incisions and pain with the fastest recovery time. Paul MacKoul, MD developed an innovative procedure that uses only two 5MM incisions called DualPortGYN, which helps patients get back to their lives faster.

In contrast, Robotic GYN procedures have more complications than DualPortGYN surgery. Most patients take off more time for recovery due to increased pain, because the robot uses larger and more incisions than standard laparoscopic surgery or DualPortGYN procedures. If your doctor recommends robotic surgery, get a second opinion from a GYN specialist.

Complications are higher with Robotic surgery as well. The surrounding areas can be damaged, including nicks to the bowel and the ureter. Many times additional surgeons are on standby to repair damage from these operations.With better options for recovery and pain, these surgeries are unnecessary.

A review of 400 hysterectomy procedures performed by CIGC in 2011 using the DualPortGYN approach clearly showed the fastest recovery, smallest incisions, and lowest complications of any minimally invasive approach to surgery, including standard (conventional) and robotic approaches.

Many articles have been written in “peer reviewed journals” including the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and others clearly showing that robotics is not a better approach than standard laparoscopy.

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