Susan Dickinson ILP

Susan Dickinson is a five year old in Kindergarten. Susan was born with Down Syndrome. Although she is able to walk unassisted, she has problems with running, catching, throwing, climbing and she finds it hard to physically play with the other children during recess. Susan also has a very hard time with her fine motor skills. She has a hard time gripping pens, markers, scissors and other classroom materials. Susan struggles with reading and writing (writing due to her lack of fine motor skills) but she loves to look at books and have stories read to her. She also struggles with counting, matching and other basic math skills. Intellectually, Susan has a hard time processing new ideas and struggles with simple tasks and her short term memory. Her speech and language is delayed and she focuses mainly on non verbal cues to communicate, although she can say words and is able to put together simple sentences.

Susan is a very affectionate and loving child who always has a smile on her face and she loves to give lot's of cuddles to her teachers and classmates. Although she does have substantial learning difficulties Susan is always a child who tries very hard. She has very good behavior in the classroom and listens to teachers. Susan's biggest strength is that she learns best from visual information and visual memory. Susan loves everything to do with princesses and loves to dress up in princess clothes.