The Northern Gateway Project

A company called Enbridge wants to build a pipeline from Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, B.C. It is called The Northern Gateway Project.  First they will get the oil from the tar sands of Alberta then when the oil reaches B.C. they will ship it to China.

The First Nations

Many first nations do not agree with The Northern Gateway Project because the pipeline will cross their territory and there might be an oil spill.  Also the oil might spill in a lake and contaminate the fish that live there and the animals that eat the fish like the spirit bear.


Trade of oil is very important for Canada's economy. The project will be very profitable for B.C. and create many jobs for B.C. citizens.  More money means more roads,hospitals,buildings for B.C.  It will create $1.5 billion a year.

Ocean Pollution

If there is an oil spill while they are shipping the oil to China all the oil will spill in to the ocean and it will be very expensive to clean it up.  All the fish and animals that live there could get sick or\and die.


I think this project is both a good and bad idea because although it will help Canada's economy, when they're shipping the oil there might be an oil spill and it will pollute the ocean. It is also a bad idea since the first nations do not agree.

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