Text to Wolrd
By Bradan, Noah, Ril

One real world problem today that society has is that many people are just hateful. People often think they have 2 lives and that everything lasts forever. In this book the Toby, Bailey, etc try and do everything they can to make the most of what they have. Many people need to realize that they need to be giving without anything in return. When Ethan got Baily, Bailey gave Ethan her love and did'nt expect nothing in return but to just make Ethan happy.



          Another connection you can make to the real world is bullying. This is a big problem in the U.S. and we need more kids to understand and be against it. In the book Spike (the top dog) was bullying everyone in the yard. Fast was fed up and stood up for his sister when she was getting harassed by Spike. Toby and Fast lashed there teeth at Spike to get him away from sister and that's what they did. This happens everyday where kids are getting bullied and bystanders often stand by and watch. We need them to do what Toby and Fast did in that situation.